10/09/ 2004
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For every new customer tape unwinder for FREE!

DISCOUNT - for new customers FREE pre press preparations of two colour print. For three colour pre press preparations we give discount 500,-CZK, but only when first print out of given graphics.

Company "potisk pásek s.r.o.", is specialized in printing on self-adhesive tapes and demarkate tapes (non adhesive).

For the printing we have purchased the newest machine from the flexoprint range. This machine is a custom made for printing up to 3 colours with the choice of coating. Materials to be printed on are i.e.: Bopp - acrylic glue, PVC - rubber glue, PE, PP, paper tapes, ... Tapes could have maximum with of 150 mm. We are able to print in amounts from 36 tapes up to paletot amount designated i.e. for wholesale markets.

Printed self adhesive tapes:
will secure your company identity and they work also as a seal. If someone not authorized will penetrate wrapping, it will be immediately recognized. On tapes could be printed for example instructions. Tapes are also good carrier for advertising and they are made out of strong quality materials, that is ecological and maintains good adhesion. These tapes help flesh out image of your company.

Demarcate Tapes:
are used mainly in building industry (prevent entry of unauthorized persons) or sport events. Tapes are well used even at cooperate social event to help promote your company.

We believe that our production program has raised your interest and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.

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